Pauen, Sabina / Roos, Jeanette

Entwicklung in den ersten Lebensjahren (0–3 Jahre)

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(Basiswissen Frühpädagogik; 2017. 148 Seiten. 20 Abb. 4 Tab. Innenteil zweifarbig.

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Pauen, Sabina / Roos, Jeanette
Development in the First Years of Life (0 –3 Years)

(Foundations of Early Education)

(Entwicklung in den ersten Lebensjahren (0-3 Jahre))

148 pages. 20 ill. 4 tab.
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(978-3-497-02690-6) pb

Children discover the world in the first years of life, and develop rapidly. However, how do these myriad changes reveal themselves? Which skills develop when, and how can a child's level of development be determined? And what is the impact of these insights on professional educational work? This book offers a clear overview of the development of children from 0 to 3 years. Typical developmental tasks are categorised by functional area , where they are described and explained: the development of motor skills, perception, concentration, thinking, problem solving, language, self-regulation, feelings, social comprehension and behaviour, etc. The emergence of individual differences within this age range and how daily contact with children can be shaped as a result become apparent.

The authors
Prof. Dr. phil. Sabina Pauen, a graduate psychologist, teaches developmental psychology and biological psychology at the University of Heidelberg. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jeanette Roos, a graduate psychologist, teaches developmental and educational psychology at Heidelberg University of Education.

Target Readership
Students of early education/elementary education, teachers in the field of training and further education, psychology students