Eichenberg, Christiane / Zimmermann, Peter

Einführung Psychotraumatologie

(PsychoMed compact; 10)
2017. 177 Seiten. 6 Abb. 5 Tab.

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Eichenberg, Christiane / Zimmermann, Peter
An Introduction to Psychotraumatology

(PsychoMed compact; 10)

(Einführung Psychotraumatologie)

177 pages. 6 ill. 5 tab.
List price: € 29.99
(978-3-8252-4762-1) pb

Psychotraumatology is attracting increasing attention in hospital, research and teaching contexts. The ability to diagnose and treat psychological traumata in psychosocial professions is becoming ever more important. This book provides a concise insight into the etiology, diagnostics and treatment of psychological traumata. Case studies and intervention strategies prepare professionals for contact with traumatised individuals. Particular emphasis is placed on the roles played by resources, resilience and digital media. The textbook is complemented by an overview of questions relating to evaluation and psychoeducational measures, in addition to internet links to further sources of assistance and organisations, etc.

The authors
Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Christiane Eichenberg, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Media at the Faculty of Psychology at the Sigmund Freud University of Vienna (SFU), teaches and researches on the subjects of psychotraumatology, e-mental health and psychotherapy. PD Dr. med. Peter Zimmermann, consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist, heads the Psychotrauma Centre of the Federal Armed Forces at the Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin (Hospital of the German Federal Armed Forces, Berlin).

Target Readership
Students and teachers of (clinical) psychology, social work and medicine, psychotherapists and psychosocial counsellors in training and those in the early stages of their careers