Krallmann, Peter / Kottmann, Uta

Ein Koffer voller Erinnerungen

52 kurze Geschichten zum Vorlesen bei Demenz

Mit einem Geleitwort von Elmar Lange
3. Auflage 2017. 117 Seiten.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02563-3) kt
€ [D] 9,90 / € [A] 10,20 / SFr 13,30

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Peter Krallmann / Uta Kottmann
A Suitcase Full of Memories

52 short stories for reading out with dementia

(Ein Koffer voller Erinnerungen)

3rd edition 2017
117 pages.
List price: € 9.90
(978-3-497-02563-3) pb

Reading out against Forgetfulness

  • 3-5 minute stories
  • Stimulating sentence completion games

New material to read out for all those accompanying people suffering from dementia: These 52 stories and sentence completion games allow spending precious hours together. Episodes from professional life, about hobbies and travels build upon old skills and let reader and listener alike take a walk down memory lane. Experiences with neighbours, friends and family give comfort within a social network.
The stories’ choice of words addresses all senses and encourages the exchange of perception and experiencing: What does summer rain feel like? What does fresh hey smell like? Idioms can be made use of, can be altered and amended.
The book is a treasure chest you can choose from, promoting the listener’s individual needs and skills.

The authors
Peter Krallmann works as a psychological consultant as well as an honorary employee with several social institutions.
Dr. med. Ute Kottmann has many years of experience in the fields of phoniatric and neurological hospital work and also works as an expert consultant with patients suffering from neurological diseases.

Target groups
All professionals and laymen accompanying and taking care of people suffering from dementia.