Landerl, Karin / Vogel, Stephan / Kaufmann, Liane


Modelle, Diagnostik, Intervention

Mit 33 Übungsfragen
3., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage 2017. 256 Seiten. 25 Abb. 7 Tab.

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Karin Landerl / Stephan Vogel / Liane Kaufmann

Models, diagnosis, intervention


3rd revised and extended 2017 edition
256 pages, 25 illustrations, 7 tables.
With 33 study questions.
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Dyscalculia describes a poor, or incorrect, understanding of amounts, figures and mathematical operations. Countless school pupils of all ages are affected by this problem. These children frequently experience fear of failure and poor educational performance. The authors explain neurocognitive models of numerical reasoning and calculation, and elucidate diagnostic methods for dyscalculia. Intervention strategies and training programmes are critically examined and questioned for efficacy. The third edition is complemented by current findings on number processing, new diagnostic instruments, computer-based training programmes and neuronal stimulation.
The authors
Prof. Dr. Karin Landerl lectures on the subject of developmental psychology at the University of Graz.
Assistant Prof. Dr. Stephan Vogelis a research associate in the field of research on giftedness at the University of Graz.
Prof. Dr. Liane Kaufmann is a neuropsychologist at the district hospital in Hall, in the Tyrol.

Target readership
Students and teachers of psychology, educational science, teaching studies and medicine