Langfeldt-Nagel, Maria

Gesprächsführung in der Altenpflege


Mit 137 Übungsaufgaben
(Reinhardts Gerontologische Reihe; 32)
3., überarbeitete Auflage 2017. 252 Seiten. 20 Abb. 7 Tab.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02697-5) kt
DOI: 10.2378/9783497026975
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Maria Langfeldt-Nagel
Conversation in geriatric care

(Reinhardt’s geriatric series; 32)

(Gesprächsführung in der Altenpflege)
(Reinhardts Gerontologische Reihe; 32)

3rd revised edition 2017
252 pages,20 illustrations, 7 tables.
With 137 study questions.
List price: € 19.90
(978-3-497-02697-5) pb

Conversation is one of the most important tools in caring for the elderly. How to put oneself in an elderly person’s place, how to understand them? How does one behave with the demented or depressed elderly person and how should one react to aggressive behaviour? Discussion and information is dealt with in a team. How to offer criticism without hurting? How to deal with conflict? How to counsel relatives? How can one recognize the development of potential crises and what support can be offered to avoid them?
The author shows us how communication, even in the midst of a hectic daily round, can be accomplished. Using case studies, she demonstrates the different effects of various conversational techniques and how to differentiate between suitable and less suitable strategies. Application of the strategies to those in a home and to out-patients is dealt with.
A basic textbook for the study of geriatric nursing.

The author
Dr. paed. Maria Langfeldt-Nagel, Frankfurt/Main, is a certified psychologist and nurse and teaches at specialist seminars, for instance “Psychology of Aging” and “Leading Discussions”, for geriatric care and at the College for Applied Science Cologne.

Target groups
Professional and trainee geriatric nurses, lecturers on geriatric care.