Chabot, Boudewijn / Walther, Christian

Ausweg am Lebensende

Sterbefasten - Selbstbestimmtes Sterben durch Verzicht auf Essen und Trinken

Mit einem Geleitwort von Dieter Birnbacher
5., aktualisierte und erweiterte Auflage 2017. 200 Seiten. 2 Tab.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02706-4) kt
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Chabot, Boudewijn / Walther, Christian
End of Life Escape Route

Death by voluntary fasting - an autonomous death by abstaining from food and drink

(Ausweg am Lebensende)

5th updated and extended edition 2017
200 pages
List price: € 19.90
(978-3-497-02706-4) pb

When the blessings of high-tech medicine become a curse for the terminally ill, only prolonging their suffering, and they express the wish to die, there is an escape route: death by voluntary fasting, or the deliberate abstinence from food and fluids. The authors clarify the medical aspects of death by voluntary fasting in a comprehensive manner, informing readers of the legal considerations which apply to this decision. Patients wishing to end their lives in a dignified manner form the focus of this book, as well as the relatives, caregivers and doctors accompanying them on the difficult path of death by voluntary fasting. With a foreword by Dieter Birnbacher

The authors
Dr. med. Boudewijn Chabot, PhD, Haarlem, Netherlands, psychiatrist and social scientist.

Dr. rer. nat. Christian Walther, retired neurobiologist, worked at the Institute of Physiology at the University of Marburg.

Target Readership
All those interested in patient autonomy at end of life, particularly medical and healthcare professionals active in the fields of hospice and palliative care