Avé-Lallemant, Ursula

Der Wartegg-Zeichentest in der Lebensberatung

Mit systematischer Grundlegung von August Vetter

5. Auflage 2017. 189 Seiten. 69 Abb.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02708-8) kt
€ [D] 29,90 / € [A] 30,80 / SFr 37,50

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Ursula Avé-Lallemant

The Wartegg Drawing Completion Form in Life Counselling
With methodical basics presented by August Vetter

(Der Wartegg-Zeichentest in der Lebensberatung)

published July 2010
5th edition 2017, 189 pp, 69 illustrations
€ 29.90
(978-3-497-02708-8) pb

4th edition already!

The Wartegg Drawing Completion Form is a projective graphical design test. Eight drawing defaults are supposed to stimulate to complete the drawings within framed fields. Content and design of the drawings can be used in a diagnostical manner during counselling work for teenagers and adults. This book presents the theoretical foundations and gives 20 test descriptions as examples. The book is rounded off by showing in which areas of application this test can be deployed in a meaningful way.

Target groups
Psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians and (social - / special) pedagogues working in a therapeutic and consulting environment.

The author
Ursula Avé-Lallement, (1913-2004) was a psychologist and graphologist working as a consultant.