Keck, Monika

Noch einmal schwimmen

Sterbebegleitung meiner krebskranken Mutter. Erfahrungsbericht und Ratgeber.

2017. 149 Seiten.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02671-5) kt
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Keck, Monika
One Last Swim

Accompanying my cancer-stricken mother on her final journey
Personal account and self-help guide

(Noch einmal schwimmen)

149 pages
List price: € 16.90
(978-3-497-02671-5) pb

"All we can do for your mother now is move her to a hospice or discharge her to die at home." How do statements like these make relatives feel? What are the consequences for them if they decide to care for their family members at home until they die? And how can this go smoothly? The author describes her experiences of providing palliative care for her mother, ill with cancer, at home - from initially feeling unable to cope to ultimately creating meaningful end-of-life care. Based on personal experience and specialist knowledge, she provides readers with numerous tips to encourage caregiving relatives providing end-of-life care at home, and allay their fears as far as dealing with death is concerned. The book is a valuable support to all those who have made this courageous decision.

The author
Monika Keck, of Gilching near Munich, is a graduate social education worker and cared for her cancer-stricken mother for two years at home until the latter's death. After this, she trained to become a palliative care specialist for psychosocial professions, and has headed the social care team in a nursing home run by the Red Cross' Social Services Association (Sozialservice-Gesellschaft des Bayerischen Roten Kreuzes GmbH).

Target Readership
Caregiving relatives providing a family member with palliative care at home, palliative care specialists